Dizzy Bird: Landing Soon

We've been receiving all kinds of questions about Dizzy Bird (which will be opening up soonish in downtown Southampton, Ontario as a sister shop to Rabbit Dash Coffee House), so we've put together this blog post with some information on our pending launch and the process of trying to open our new space amidst a global pandemic.

While we are SO excited to be able to announce our opening and give you all a solid date to come in and celebrate with us, the timing of our planned March launch and the onset of COVID-19 aligned in a way that has set us back and kept us in a bit of a Dizzy Bird limbo. Obviously our first priority has been to keep our staff and customers safe and comfortable throughout all of this, and in the beginning with nearly daily adjustments to our routine and the way in which we were able to run our business, it has been demanding and at times, challenging.

In order to open Dizzy Bird, a number of items must be checked off of the to-do list. These include (but are not necessarily limited to) structural renovations, plumbing and electric, painting/decor, installation of equipment, inspections, staffing, inventory stocking, and planning a functional business approach in order to have a smooth, successful opening. While we have been lucky enough to check off a number of these items, quite understandably we have been moved down the priority list for certain jobs that we are not able to do without the help of inspectors and other licensed professionals. 

The changes we've had to make at Rabbit Dash to accommodate health regulations/suggestions as well as respect the wishes and concerns of our staff have been in a state of constant change. This would mean that in opening Dizzy Bird during a pandemic, we would be applying all of these same changes (in addition to essentially doubling our current staff) without having any ground level of operation to base those adjustments on.

That being said, we are working hard to make this happen as soon as we are able, and we're excited to share with you our plans for a pretty stellar coffee shop. You can expect Dizzy Bird to have a similar "feel" to Rabbit Dash; we're keeping our quirks, our well-loved favourites, and our same enthusiasm for constant change and growth, with an extra flare unique to Dizzy Bird.

We will be offering the tried-and-true drinks you love, as well as a limited menu of your favourite baked treats and our new avocado toast (YUM). A smaller menu allows us to offer consistency in our staple items and gives us room to provide some new features! We have an amazing community room at Dizzy Bird that will be available as a rent-able workspace, as a host for exciting workshops and in-house demos, and act as a space for pop-up events and collaborations with local creators/businesses. 

Coffee is the focal point of Rabbit Dash Inc. and we will be providing both our own roasts (Jon has been hard at work learning to roast to perfection and we can assure you he's killin' it) and in time, some new exciting blends from our long-time provider Planet Bean roasted specifically for us! We've recently started selling Sissiboo Coffee out of Rabbit Dash, too, so you can expect to see a selection of their roasts, which we LOVE, alongside other highly revered coffees from worldwide roasteries. 

We will be brewing our coffee a little differently at Dizzy Bird, too! Of course we'll have brewed drip coffee readily available, but we will also offer siphon brewed coffee and Chemex pour overs. In addition to some snazzy brewing, we will be offering a selection of more specialized equipment and coffee accessories alongside our retail coffee beans.

We've got basement studio space: That means more merch, people! We have plenty of ideas up our (Rabbit Dash sweater) sleeves, and we encourage you to check back often both in-store when we do open, and here on our website in the meantime (some items will be online exclusive). Over time we will be creating new designs for tees, sweaters/hoodies, tank tops, tote bags, and really anything we can get our hands on to print, including a line of posters/art prints. All of our merchandise is hand-printed by us, and our designs are created by Jon and our in-house illustrator, Brianne! As we expand and are able to offer larger quantities of merchandise, we hope to partner with some local artists for some cool collaborations, as well. 

A little long-winded, but we wanted to keep you all up to date and informed about where we're at with our opening and what we've got in store for you when Dizzy Bird is operational. We appreciate your support and we can't wait to give you a date to come and see us at our incredible new space. We love you all. Stay safe, stay kind, and stay caffeinated.


written by: Brianne