This past summer, I routinely opened up Rabbit Dash in the morning after my coworker David had closed the night before. Each day, I was greeted with an encouraging message written on a sticky note waiting for me at the till. It was a small kind gesture, but very meaningful to me. It always brightened my morning. I thought of how happy it made me and decided to share that happiness with our customers too!

Most customers spend a minute or two waiting at the end of the counter for their drinks to be made, so I figured if I wrote on the extra coffee cup sleeves some people might notice. Pretty soon a few people asked who was writing them. “Oh, that’s me!” I answered with maybe too much excitement. After some time, people started to tell me how they looked forward to reading them. Some coworkers - even David, the inspiration himself - mentioned how much customers loved them! So, each morning if I had a few slower moments I’d take the time to think of some things people might appreciate hearing, or need to hear. I thought of meaningful quotes from my favourite movies, things my mentors have told me, and things that life was teaching me. I quickly noticed that writing these things down was making me happier in the morning. Even on the tougher mornings when just opening my eyes to the world was a challenge (let alone my heart) I’d pick up a marker and write a few things down and I always felt better afterwards.

People tend to underestimate how much of a positive impact a small, random act of kindness can have on someone's day. Even if you think it will make someone feel good, it will probably make them feel even better than you thought. And, better yet, you’ll find yourself feeling happier afterwards too! Maybe it’s not such a bad idea to wear your heart on your sleeve.


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